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I embrace the abstract expressionistic genre, while drawing inspiration from the Dutch Masters, Brahm van Velde, The New York School, and all of the “isms”. This work is best expressed with mixed media, on canvas, paper and board, in both small and large formats.


For me, making art is about my experiences as they build up through histories, layer upon layer at a time; informed by the places to which I have traveled and lived. As I create each new work, it takes on a life of its own, as if it feeds off of my previous paintings. The process is a constant dialogue that develops between the painting and me. I  turn the canvas/paper in all directions to make sure the energy has evolved from all sides. For me, a good abstract work of art, is successful in all directions. My mantra is, "the work comes from the work." 


My desire is to engage the viewer as an active participant. I do not title my art. I never want to trap the viewer into only my thoughts. In thinking and working abstractly, I am driven by the opportunity of sharing my celebration of life with others.

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