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Houston-based artist Sandi Seltzer Bryant’s abstract paintings have always been a reflection of her life.  In the 70’s and 80’s, her vocabulary of marks represented her family, while in the 90’s the marks were reflective of her travels in Europe and of living in the Netherlands.  In 2006, her paintings were a direct reference to textiles and the color, texture and patterns found in the various countries she visited, including Mexico, Vietnam, Cambodia,Thailand, Peru, Ecuador, Morocco, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Russia. In 2010, Sandi traveled in China and was influenced by its culture and she introduced collage.


An artist is often asked how long it takes to make a painting and the answer to that question is often surprising to many but true.  Sandi Seltzer Bryant has spent 40 plus years of mark making to create these confident and seductive paintings. 

Roni McMurtrey


McMurtrey Gallery

Sandi Seltzer Bryant has gleaned through hundreds of handmade papers from over twenty countries to create her newest series of works. From Asia to the Netherlands, each piece reflects the artist's journey. Layering bands of texture, color, and form, Bryant leads us into an abstract process of discovery.


A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Bryant's work has been shown and collected in numerous places including New York, Seoul, Los Angeles, and all across Texas. Along with numerous public collections, Sandi Seltzer Bryant has recently been included in the permanent collection of the Art Museum of South Texas.

Debra Barrera

Assistant Director

McMurtrey Gallery

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